In a world where celebrities are modern day idols, one word associated with their contribution to our everyday lives is “Respect”. Rocking Now Entertainment is one such company that would like to Respect the Legends of our Indian Film Industry and what better way than to feature a show in their honor called as “Respect the Legend”!.

This show will bring interviews of Legends of the industry - Up, Close and Personal for their fans alike every month. A new legend will be interviewed every month and the same can be viewed via Archived Content through Laptops, Desktops, Handheld devices and mobile phones any time, anywhere from your very own with links to other social media for easier access!


In this world filled with complexities, Innovation is what keeps you hooked up! Right? Rocking Now Entertainment is unique. In a way, it is a boon for those upcoming stars, new production houses, movie marketing techniques, event launches. Yesss! “Brand U” is you. It is the freedom in you to express yourself.

Exclusive footage of new talent, product and movie launches will be presented to the world of entertainment through You will see new musical bands playing their hits, small budget movies showcasing their content, interviews of upcoming stars…Well, they all need a platform to market themselves right? Here you have it, right here in this unique Featured show called as “Brand U”.


The idiot box! How has it mesmerized us for the last several decades! Times have changed now. It’s the Facebook and Twitter era. Almost every person in a family spends a little more than few hours on FB & Twitter on their mobiles and tablets every single day. Aint it? But its boring as well sometimes. You definitely need a change….Come on, its Showtime baby!.

“Rocking Now LIVE” is an exclusive out of the box “LIVE” video streaming entertainment that will feature real and “LIVE” interviews with your favorite movie stars right in the palm of your hands as and when it happens! You don’t need a “Genie” to meet them, just connect to a Wifi next to you and watch your favorite moviestar speaking LIVE to you. All you need is a mobile, laptop or tablet! Watch LIVE streaming every weekend, an interview with your favorite hero and heroine, your new love, your new experience right at the click of the video player only at


Rocking Now Entertainment is proud to present a Celebrity Cook Show called as “YummyMaa”! Monthly video uploads of a new celebrity cook presenting a mouth watering delicacy exclusively for their fans will be available on Now, what more you need than to see your favorite ‘moviestar’ cooking your favorite recipe, just for you!.