Product Shoots – Do you want to launch a new product or make your portfolio? Don’t look any further to have the most creative shoot for you. Rocking Now has a team of professionals who can understand your interest, present the finest nuance for your product and create a brand for you. With the best team in the industry consisting of experienced DOPs, creative designers and technicians, our photo shoots will bring out the passion in you for the world to see…For we are "Rocking Now"...A class apart….Below is an ad shot by our DOP for the famous UAE based FMCG giant "Al Kabeer"...Click to see the video Here

Website development and design – As an entertainer, you need to have your presence felt in the world wide web. Do you have it yet is the question we are throwing at you. If the answer is no, what are you waiting for? With our super experienced website content design and developers, Rocking Now will feature you in an exclusive website personalized for you, and why stop at that….We will go one step further to market you and have you one step closer to the fanbase you are missing….SIGN us up..Now!

App Development – Did you know that an Android/iOS app personalized for your movie or even you, Is the need of the hour? Top movie stars and business production houses are creating an innovative way to market themselves through these APPs. Rocking Now Entertainment will develop such Apps for you and market it for your fans worldwide. Imagine millions and millions of your fans across the globe can just download your photos, videos just by the click of a button. Sounds great right?

Celebrity Management– The world is a tough place for the celebrities. They have to be under the spotlight all the time. Well, quite literally. Celebrities need the right tool to project themselves. The way you speak, the way you smile to the way you walk – Everything is being scrutinized. You need a Brand Manager. Rocking Now Entertainment is and will be the management company that will meet your demands by assisting and marketing you, be a shoulder to lean on so that you can just focus on your work and let us manage you professionally. Get hold of our services ranging from advisory services, soft skills training, media and publicity and many more...Remember, if you want to Rock the world, Choose ‘Rocking Now”..Today! Some images of our client from the South Film Industry, Actress Akshaya for who we assist in 'Portfolio Management' and 'Complete Branding & Marketing'. This was a shoot taken by our Ace Cinematographer at the Grand Hyatt, Chennai.

Social Media/Internet Marketing– The internet is the perfect launchpad for actors, singers and other talent to gain visibility. Effective usage of the social media is a game changer in the modern world. Cite example of “Why this Kolvari di” song that was marketed so well though the YouTube channel which had a direct impact on the movie '3' success story and their stars alike. Facebook, Twitter are also tools to build visibility and brands alike. We at Rocking Now Entertainment will manage and market you through personalized campaigns to ensure that you have a better reach than your competitor in the market. Sign us up for exclusive "Marketing Strategies" – Only @ Rocking Now Entertainment! Call us now!

Independent Consulting & Psychological Counselling– From the way you look to the way you talk, you need support and help. The entertainment industry is a plethora of choices that you are bound to loose if you don’t grab your first opportunity. The first impression is always your best impression. Rocking Now Entertainment offers the much needed “Counselling and Consulting” program as a part of our Holistic effort to understand you better and reach your goal. Our expert Pyschologists and Career Counselors will guide you through your personal problems and help you to overcome the tough tide and reach the ultimate goal of success…Rocking Now is just not another Entertainment company; it is a PART OF YOU.

Movie Marketing– Today, on an average more than 100 movies are released every year, each from Bollywood to Kollywood, and the success rate? Only < 5%! Shocking fact right?. Why does every other movie which is a business in itself fail to reach the audience? Movie Marketing is no more about larger than life banners and top of the top event and music launches. Today you need INNOVATION. Remember, the modern day audience no longer is interested to watch your movie if he doesn’t know what is happening from day one! Rocking Now Entertainment offers that vision to Focus. Innovate. Dream. Have a look at our Sample Movie Marketing plan below..

Event Management & Content/Product Design– Today, making the right choice is the key to success. In partnership with Ekaah, an exclusive Event Management company based out of Chennai, we will take care of the finest exhibition of events and create the value for your product or movie launch. Also, in association with our partner for branding & design JDS Brainwave, one of the best in the industry in branding & design, we assure our customers the best of designs for the entertainment industry. From movie banners to posters, to movie launch invites, we will provide you with unparalleled design and quality. The film industry needs a one stop shop. And it’s only given by Rocking Now Entertainment. Below is a sneak peak of our exclusive work..

Creative Direction & Animation– The brain behind successful brands is the creative team. Rocking Now's creative and animation team has the best of the minds and resources that can dutifully architect your movie's success. We can create Story boards, implement creative directing techniques and improvise extensive marketing strategies exclusively for your movie...Our artists have worked on world class animation movies and have hands on experience on the latest tools and technologies...Take a look at some of our animated design work below.

Ad/Corporate Films– Our DOP is industry renowned and has shot over a dozen ads and commercial movies. Our team of professionals are recreating magic through the lenses with the best knowledge of technical cinematography. Rocking Now Entertainment offers exclusive Ad/Corporate shoots and subsequent marketing for the ads we shoot, and we do it wisely. Click here to view some of the Ads conceptualized and shot by our team.

Music Videos– We have the capability to make music videos and have a team of talented singers, composers, actors as well. With the best expertise in the entertainment industry, we can create new and innovative concepts, shoot, edit and market these music videos as well. Now what more can you ask for! Take a look at this music video called as "The Escape" by Clicking Here

Feature Films– Rocking Now Entertainment will offer the best of the capabilities and technical assistance required to make a complete Feature Film. Our team comprises of Directors, Cinematographers, Technicians, Singers, Story Board writers, Animators and artists alike who have been there and done that. Our core expertise include offers across mainstream and offbeat movie scripts and conceptualization, creation and output with a short term vision to get into exclusive movie production as well.